Malam-Heath Fund for Organisations

This fund was set up for the benefit of people living in Stoke-on-Trent who are in need of a holiday for reasons such as convalescence or recovery but who are unable to finance it themselves.  However, we understand that in some cases a holiday is not practical and so awards can be made to organisations who are providing a day trip, outing or trip away for their service users.


In order to qualify for a grant from the Edward Malam Fund organisations must;

  • Be working with people aged over 18
  • Be working with people resident in Stoke on Trent, or a neighbouring area that identifies more with Stoke on Trent than other areas, such as Kidsgrove, Biddulph or Cheadle
  • Be working with people who are, in some way, disadvantaged, either socially or financially

General Guidance

  • Panel meetings are held quarterly and the dates of these meetings are published on our website
  • Please allow at least 4 weeks between the date of the panel meeting and the date of the trip, outing or holiday – it is your responsibility to submit an application in good time
  • All applications must be fully completed as specified
  • No retrospective funding is available, (we will not make awards for holidays or trips that have already been taken)
  • The grant making panel has the discretion to vary these rules in exceptional circumstances
  • The decision of the grant making panel is final
  • We can provide support in completing the application form, if you would like it


Applications will be considered at quarterly panels, although the frequency of these panels may increase or decrease depending on demand.  In any event, you should allow at least 4 weeks between the panel and the date of your trip, outing or holiday.  Closing and Panel dates for 2017 are as follows;


  • Closing date of 5pm on  11th May for the panel on 25th May
  • Closing date of 5pm on  10th August for the panel on 24th August
  • Closing date of 5pm on 12 October for the panel on 26th October
How To Apply
To complete an online application form please click the red ‘Apply’ button below.


You can download an application pack containing the application form, the criteria and our standard grant guidance by clicking here.