High Sheriff Fund



The High Sheriff Fund provides small grants, (up to £500) for small community groups, with a specific need. Panel meetings are held to determine whether applicants should receive funding and if so how much.  Time sensitive applications may be considered outside of the usual panel dates, or in the case of an emergency, but this is at the discretion of the donor advisors of the fund, and you are advised to call us first to see whether your application would meet this need.

What can be funded:

  • Grants available between £100 and £500
  • Groups should be based in and working within Staffordshire
  • Your annual income should be less than £15,000
  • You should have reserves of less than 1 years income
  • Your financial records should be up to date
  • Groups should have a constitution
  • If awarded a grant it should make a visible difference to the project
  • Groups should be working to relieve poverty or disadvantage OR
  • Be working to provide a service that would otherwise be realistically unobtainable
  • If successful you may be asked to hold a cheque presentation for publicity purposes
  • Applicants working with children or the disabled should have vetted all staff and volunteers
  • All successful applicants will be expected to provide feedback on how their grant was used

What will not be funded:

  • Statutory organisations (including Local Authorities, Parish Councils, Schools, Police, PCT’s)
  • Any organisation which will benefit a statutory organisation
  • Projects that were paid for by a statutory organisation where funding has been reduced or withdrawn
  • Any national organisation based in Staffordshire
  • Projects that upgrade premises to meet legislative requirements
  • Solely commercial ventures
  • Party political activity
  • Activity promoting religion or with a strong religious undertone
  • Staff costs or costs associated with staff
  • Running costs of a one off event with no long-term benefit
  • The reimbursement of costs, (for goods or services bought or ordered before the official start date of the grant)
  • Food or meals
  • Projects that benefit Asylum Seekers, (as defined by the Home Office)


  • Our grant should make a substantial difference to the project
  • Our grant should make a significant contribution to the project, being at least 33% of the total cost.
  • Our grant should deliver value for money
  • Our grant should secure maximum community use or benefit
  • We would prefer to fund equipment or training costs associated with one off or annual events, as opposed to running costs for them.

What must be provided with your application

  • A copy of your constitution
  • A copy of your most recent annual accounts
  • Quotes for all capital items

All applications are subject to the usual Staffordshire Community Foundation guidance, which is available here.

Applications will be assessed at quarterly panel meetings, and closing and panel dates are available on the calendar.

To apply online please click the ‘Apply’ button below



If you would prefer to complete a paper copy of the form please download the application pack by clicking here.