The J & O Lloyd Trust

The J & O Lloyd Trust was established in 1981 and named after its founders, Jim and Olga Lloyd. They were living in Burton on Trent and the Trust’s  purpose was to make grants to charities or for other charitable purposes in the areas  of East Staffordshire and South Derbyshire. The grants reflected the founders’ interests in social  and community concerns in the area, the built and natural environment, heritage and the arts and leisure. Later, bursaries were awarded to students from local schools who gained a university  place at Cambridge or a place at a leading performing arts academy.

Jim Lloyd was born in Southport in 1920. In 1938 he gained a place at St. Catharine’s College Cambridge to read mathematics. He switched to reading law, finishing with a double first in law and mathematics. Cambridge meant a lot to him; hence the addition of bursaries to Cambridge as part of the work of the J & O Lloyd Trust.

After gaining his degree in 1942, Jim Lloyd went directly into the army joining the Royal Lancashires  fighting in Burma. It was while on leave in Calcutta (now Kolkota) that he met Olga Hessing. Her family, originally Dutch, had lived in India since the early 19th Century. They married in 1944 and, in 1945 their daughter Diana was born.

The family arrived in England later in 1945. After completing his army service and his solicitors’ finals, Jim Lloyd gained a place in local government in Bridlington, Yorkshire. A chance meeting with an army friend led to the offer of a job as a company solicitor for the then firm of Bass Worthington in Burton on Trent. Jim and Olga Lloyd moved to Burton on Trent in 1952 and the town became their home for the next 50 or so years.

In 1962, Olga Lloyd first  learned about and was inspired by the Civic Trust movement and its concern for  civic environments. Together with a local architect, Jim and Olga Lloyd set up Burton Civic Society that year with Jim Lloyd as Chairman and Olga Lloyd as Secretary. The leadership has changed over the years but Burton Civic Society, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012, is still going strong. Later, Jim Lloyd helped establish the Midlands Amenity Societies Association to bring together Civic and like Societies to work on issues of common interest.

Jim Lloyd gained steady promotion within his company. He became a director of its wines and spirits branch and then of the main Company board. Bass Worthington merged with Mitchell and Butlers to become Bass Mitchell and Butlers and then with Charringtons to become Bass Charrington. Jim Lloyd was a director at each merger and finished his career as Company Vice-Chairman before chairing the Company pension fund after his retirement in 1980. He  was also  instrumental in transferring the firm’s headquarters  from London to Burton on Trent. His work in the European brewing industry earned him the CBE in 1984.

Jim and Olga Lloyd helped establish The Brewhouse arts centre in Burton on Trent and Jim Lloyd became chairman of the local newspaper, the Burton Daily Mail in the 1980s and again in the early 1990s. Thus the J & O Lloyd Trust can be seen to stand for a significant contribution, made in many different ways,  to the town where Jim and Olga Lloyd lived for so many years.

Olga Lloyd died in 1999. In 2007 Jim Lloyd, who’s health was giving cause for concern, moved to live near his daughter in Cambridge. The move brought him back to city he had known and greatly appreciated as a young student. He died in 2012.

Jim Lloyd was able to leave a substantial legacy to the J & O Lloyd Trust. After careful thought, the Trustees agreed that the purpose of the Trust would be best carried on through partnership with Staffordshire Community Foundation. We look forward to the new challenges ahead.

A second trust, operating in Cambridgeshire, (The D & J Lloyd Trust), is now known as The D & J Lloyd Community First Fund and is held by Cambridgeshire Community Foundation.

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