For the district, By the district

We Love South Staffordshire is a local fund that provides small grants to a wide range of projects based in the district of South Staffordshire. Soon the fund will consider all applications from local groups in need twice a year.

Companies and individuals are welcome to donate or fund-raise, and all money is invested through an endowment fund in line with charity commission guidelines. The interest and dividends earned on the invested money is then distributed by the We Love South Staffordshire Fund as small grants across the district. The beauty of this model is that it will provide a source of on-going funding that can be used for small grants, and larger grants as the fund grows, for many years to come.



Our target?

The fund aims to give away £25,000 every year to community groups and organisations through small grants forever, creating a lasting legacy for the district.

We Love South Staffordshire is one of 12 ‘community funds’ operated by The Community Foundation for Staffordshire. 

Companies and individuals are welcome to donate or fund-raise for the fund, and every year we plan many fundraising events, all of which seek to involve the wider community – so its not just about raising money to benefit people in South Staffordshire, its about bringing people together to have a bit of fun whilst we’re doing it.

The Origin of the Fund

We Love South Staffordshire is the result of an amalgamation of the We Love South Staffs Fund and the We Love Penkridge Fund.  In 2013 the official name was changed to We Love South Staffordshire.


How To Support We Love South Staffordshire

Support for the fund usually comes in one of four ways; organising events, making the fund the ‘Charity of Choice’, making a donation or leaving a legacy. 

Organising Events & Charity of Choice

Many people and businesses plan to make the fund the beneficiary of an event and this is a really good way of getting involved.  Not only can you run your own event, but you can benefit from the publicity and awareness that we can bring.  We can meet with you beforehand and answer any questions you may have.  What’s more, you can tell all of your participants that all the money raised will be going to make a difference locally.

Making A Donation

To donate by cheque

Please make all cheques payable to ‘The Community Foundation for Staffordshire’ and write ‘We Love South Staffordshire’ on the back and then send to;

The Community Foundation for Staffordshire, Communications House, University Court, Staffordshire Technology Park, Stafford ST18 0ES

To leave a legacy

More and more people are now choosing to leave a legacy to a charity of their choice.  For more information on leaving a legacy to We Love South Staffordshire please see the dedicated section on legacies here, or call us on 01785 339540.