Vital Signs is a new report for Staffordshire that is designed to bring together various pieces of research to give a picture of the current situation in Staffordshire.  The report is made up of 2 parts – the first is called Vital Signs and provides a quick and easy to read guide of some of the key findings of the more extensive Vital Issues report, which forms the second part.

Based on the hugely successful Vital Signs initiative from the Community Foundations of Canada, the project is now rolling out across the UK, the USA and Australia.  Reports have been produced for 14 areas of the UK, with specific reports produced for Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, Lancashire, the East End of London, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight, Merseyside, Milton Keynes, Northumberland, Staffordshire and Tyne and Wear, as well as the whole of Northern Ireland and the whole of Wales.

Vital Signs provides a guide for local giving, fulfilling community foundations’ role as a facilitator of community philanthropy by enabling us to:

  • increase the effectiveness of social investment in communities, including grant-making;
  • ensure community philanthropists are informed about issues and opportunities in the community, so that their philanthropy makes a true difference;
  • facilitate collaboration between individuals and groups to address social issues;
  • guide the work of community leaders, residents, organisations, policy makers, public bodies and the private sector


The report focuses on 13 key themes;

  • Work
  • Fairness
  • Housing & Homelessness
  • Safety
  • Learning
  • Arts, Culture & Heritage
  • Communities
  • Environment
  • Healthy Living
  • Economy
  • Children & Young People
  • Families
  • Older People


To download a copy of the Vital Signs report for Staffordshire please click here. (1.5MB)

If you would like more detail you can download the full Vital Issues report here. (5MB)