The Century Club

The Century Club is an exciting new initiative from The Community Foundation for Staffordshire that helps local business and local people support their local community, and works in conjunction with your ‘Social Responsibility’ policy.

Many businesses or people want to give something back, but often don’t have the capacity to give large sums of money or set up their own personalised fund.  The Century Club can help you to make the most of your charitable giving.

How it works

A commitment is made to make an annual donation, normally for a period of three years.  This donation is usually around £1000 per year for businesses, but can be made up of staff fundraising days, fun days, sponsored events, direct donations, or any other contribution for that matter.  There is no administration fee payable on donations through The Century Club.

This donation is then invested with the local community fund for the area, with a portion contributing to the direct running costs of the fund, to support grant management.  So if you are in Lichfield you can be sure that your donation will be spent entirely in Lichfield.  We have community funds that cover every area of Staffordshire, and one that covers the county as a whole, if you would prefer not to give to any one particular town, district, or borough.

What you get in return

A plaque to show that you are meeting your Social Responsibility aims through The Century Club at The Community Foundation

Local media coverage to promote your involvement.  We will make all necessary arrangements to ensure you get the best coverage.

Invitations to events held by The Community Foundation so that you can see the effects of your giving first hand

Opportunity to use The Community Foundation for Staffordshire & The Century Club logo on your website and literature, promoting your charitable support and active social responsibility.

To find out more about how you can join The Century Club and increase the impact of your local charitable giving please give us a call.