The Community Foundation for Staffordshire is proud to be involved with ‘Operation Spitfire’ – a unique gathering of people dedicated to the preservation, restoration and conservation of the Spitfire currently on display at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.  Further information is below, but for the full story please see the dedicated website, here

Project Goals:

  • Our goal is to inspire visitors to the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery by creating areas within the museum that have a “WOW” factor
  • There should only be a limited number of truly “WOW” displays at any one time and these displays should be regularly refreshed, updated or changed on an annual basis funded through an on-going campaign of sponsorship and fundraising.
  • To challenge people’s traditional “Pits & Pots” assumptions about the history of North Staffordshire by showcasing our outstanding engineering heritage.
  • To make sure that all visitors can learn about, have access to and enjoy their heritage.  After all, the Spitfire is synonymous with Mitchell who grew up and learned his trade here, in this city.
  • To provide enhanced learning opportunities that celebrates our industrial and social heritage.
  • To ensure that the “Spitfire Gallery” is not just an addition to the museum but an integral part of a vibrant celebration of our history and heritage.
  • For long term success, Operation Spitfire must be self-financing.
  • Through the success of this project, to further enhance the international image and profile of Stoke-on-Trent and to attract visitors to the city.



  • To raise sufficient funding to restore RW388 to an acceptable level. Preservation, Conservation, Restoration
  • To help redesign the Spitfire Gallery in line with the museums plans for the ground floor redevelopment of the PMAG and ensure the gallery itself has greater prominence
  • To work with the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery in order to re-interpret the Spitfire Gallery display so that it is up to date, interesting, exciting, engaging, educational and is regularly updated and refreshed.
  • To use the Spitfire Gallery to demonstrate the region’s tradition in design and engineering excellence.
  • To ensure total inclusivity by facilitating access for the general public whilst the restoration work is underway, thereby increasing people’s understanding and enjoyment of their heritage.
  • To establish links with schools and the education sector to inspire young people with a passion for design and engineering and to provide opportunities for learning and practicing design.
  • To establish links with local businesses and to seek their involvement.



  • The Spitfire RW388
  • Fundraising campaign to support the aims of the Group, including work on grant funding and business sponsorship and public donations and income through merchandising.
  • To work with the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery on the Spitfire Gallery (size of Gallery – is this the existing space redesigned or is it additional space within the proposal for refreshing the galleries.)
  • To work with the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery on Education programmes with schools / colleges.