Main Beneficiaries

Community or voluntary based organisations based in, and working in, the borough of Tamworth, as defined by the boundaries of Tamworth Borough Council.

Applications should be for a specific project, as we are unable to contribute to general fundraising appeals.

Any funding awarded should be spent within 12 months of the date of issue.

Closing Date


Grants from the We Love Tamworth Fund are funded by an endowment fund held by The Community Foundation for Staffordshire, and by the Coventry Building Society.

Applications will be open throughout May and October, although you can apply at any time. For the May round decisions will be made in June, and decisions made in November for the October round.

Applications are invited from community and voluntary based groups that meet the following criteria;

  • Groups based within Tamworth, according to the boundaries of Tamworth Borough Council, or an area that has a traditional connection to Tamworth, such as Polesworth, Dordon, Grendon or Kingsbury.
  • Groups who are a not-for-profit organisation
  • Groups who have a constitution or set of rules
  • Groups who have a bank or building society account, in the name of the organisation


What we want to fund

We want to fund projects, activities, training and equipment that will help local not-for-profit groups and organisations make a difference for their communities. Organisations can apply for between £100 and £250, although the awards panel may award part of the amount requested.

What we won’t fund

There are some projects which we will not fund:

  • We will not fund projects that are of a purely religious nature. This does not mean that churches and religious groups cannot apply, but you must be very clear in your application form of the impact the project will have on the wider community.
  • We will not fund school-based projects unless you can show clearly in your application form that the project will have a significant impact on the local community.
  • We will not fund projects year on year unless you can show that the project has evolved and that you are seeking support for new developments or activities.
  • We will not fund projects of a political nature.
  • Projects or events which promote or condone extremist ideology or activities.


How To Apply

You can submit your application at any time, but please bear in mind that we will only hold rounds in April and October, with decisions made the following month.

To apply please use the Apply button below