We Love Tamworth provides funding to small community and voluntary groups across the borough of Tamworth.  It is funded from an endowment fund, and by the Coventry Building Society through their community fund.


About Grants from the We Love Tamworth Fund


You can apply for a grant of up to £500.
These grants will be awarded to organisations who provide facilities or services for local people.  The aim is to enhance the provision of service, provide new services or to help make organisations more efficient or to improve the scope of their provision.  This might include extending provision to other people.

Grants from We Love Tamworth can be used for either capital or revenue projects, and can last for up to a year.  It would be unusual for the fund to make an award to the same organisation for the same project two years running, unless you can demonstrate that their have been significant developments or increased demand for your project.

Any organisation who receives a grant will be invited along to a presentation event.  No funding will be issued until the presentation event.  Details of the event will be sent to all successful applicants at the time of award notification.

What We Will Fund

Types of Organisation

We will support the following types of organisation;

  • Constituted community groups
  • Constituted voluntary groups
  • Registered Charities
  • Social Enterprises
Geographic Reach

We will support organisations based in, or working for the benefit of people in the following local authority areas;

  • Tamworth

In order to qualify for a grant from this scheme your project must be supporting the following types of beneficiary;

  • People usually resident in the borough of Tamworth
Project Aims

Your project must meet one of the following criteria;

  • Provide a service for the local area, or for local residents
  • Improve the lives of local people
  • Be providing a service or facility that would otherwise not be available
Eligible Costs
  • Core costs
  • Equipment costs
  • Capital costs
  • Training costs
  • One off event costs
  • Project costs

What We Will Not Fund

Types of Organisation

This fund will not offer funding to the following organisations;

  • Non-constituted community groups
  • Non-constituted voluntary groups
  • Statutory organisations
  • Organisations that have been established less than 12 months
  • Organisations that do not have a proven track record of service delivery
  • Limited companies, sole traders or partnerships without charitable aims
Geographic Reach

This fund cannot support organisations who are based in, or working in the following local authority areas;

  • Cannock Chase, East Staffordshire, Lichfield, Newcastle under Lyme, South Staffordshire, Stafford, Staffordshire Moorlands, or Stoke on Trent (even if the majority of participants would come from Tamworth)
  • Any area outside Staffordshire

This fund cannot support any organisation whose primary beneficiaries are

  • Not usually resident in the borough of Tamworth
Ineligible Costs

This fund will not offer support for the following costs;

  • A project where our grant would be less than 50% of the overall cost of the project
  • Funding towards religious projects or projects that promote religion, (although religious organisations can be funded for non-religious projects)
  • Party political activities, (where one particular political party is promoted above another)

Documents You Must Submit With Your Application

The following documents must be provided with your application form.  If you fail to provide these documents your application will not be considered for funding.  All documents should be submitted at the time of application.

  • A copy of your governing document, (constitution or Memorandum and Articles of Association)
  • A copy of your most recent accounts, (audited or independently examined)
  • A recent bank statement, (dated within the last three months clearly showing account number and sort code)
  • A copy of your safeguarding policy
  • At least three quotes for any capital items

Closing Dates & Submission Deadlines

The following dates are submission dates and panel dates for 2018 and 2019.

  • Applications submitted before 23rd November 2018 will go to the panel on 7th December 2018
  • Applications submitted after 23rd November 2018, but before 3rd May 2019 will go to the panel on 17th May 2019
  • Applications submitted after 3rd May 2019, but before 29th November 2019 will go to the panel on  9th December 2019
  • Applications submitted after 29th November 2019 will go to the panel in May 2020
How To Apply

To apply for a grant of up to £500 please submit an application using our online application facility.  You can attach your supporting documents to the application.