The Whittington Poor Fund was a charity that used to make awards to people and organisations who were based in Whittington.  However, as is often the case, the administration of this fund increased greatly, particularly with regards to the new reporting procedures and requirements of the Charity Commission.  This can often become arduous, and so in late 2016 the decision was taken by the trustees of the Poor Fund to transfer it to The Community Foundation for Staffordshire, after consultation with the Charity Commission.  At the time of transfer to The Community Foundation it was decided to widen the area of benefit, so that the fund could support people across the whole parish of Whittington and Fisherwick.  In light of this, the fund was renamed the Whittington & Fisherwick Fund.

About grants for individuals from the Whittington & Fisherwick Fund


You can apply for a grant of up to £100.

The remit of the fund is to improve the quality of life for village residents, either individually or as a whole, and to support people who are in financial hardship, social need or medical need.  We will also consider emergency applications, where unforeseen circumstances are causing particular difficulties, (such as the need to replace white goods or emergency heating or plumbing situations).

The fund is administered by The Community Foundation as part of its portfolio of funds which can only benefit areas within the Lichfield district.  This means that the Whittington & Fisherwick Fund will only be used to benefit people in the parish.

Applications can be made at any time but are assessed by a local panel of donor advisors twice per year.  People may only apply to the fund once per year.

The application form will ask whether you would like to apply due to financial reasons, social reasons or medical reasons.  You only need to tick one of them, but you can tick more if you feel that they apply.  You will need to provide information about your need.  It is this information that is used to make a decision, and all decisions must be based solely on this information.  Therefore, it is important to detail your need fully; please do not assume that the panel know of your situation and why you need support.

The local panel of donor advisors will make decisions on who should be supported, but they will not be aware of your name or address unless you specifically give us permission to share that information.

Awards are made to the value of £100 and paid by BACS, (bank transfer), directly into the recipient’s bank account.  The details of who has received the funding are kept for audit and reporting purposes but are treated confidentially and not released to the public.

What We Will Fund

Who We Will Support

We will support people who meet the following criteria;

  • Resident in the parish of Whittington and Fisherwick
  • Be in either FINANCIAL, SOCIAL or MEDICAL need
  • There is no requirement to have lived in the parish for a certain number of years
What you can apply for

We will not be prescriptive about what you should spend any award on, but it should be something that the panel would see as necessary and worthwhile.  For example, it could be for;

  • Extra heating costs over winter
  • Travel expenses due to lack of own transport and insufficient public transport provision
  • A piece of equipment that would make your life easier due to health conditions
  • This list is not exhaustive



Closing Dates & Submission Deadlines

The following dates are submission dates and panel dates for 2019.

  • Applications submitted before 29th April 2019 will go to the panel on 13th May 2019
  • Applications submitted after 29th April 2019, but before 7th October 2019 will go to the panel on 21st October 2019
  • Applications submitted after 21st October 2019 will go to the panel in May 2020
How To Apply

To apply please download the application form.

If you need help in completing the application form please call us.