The Maddock, Leicester & Burslem Fund awards small grants and bursaries, to promote the education of young people who reside or have a parent residing within the boundaries of the City of Stoke on Trent and the Borough of Newcastle under Lyme.  For the purposes of the fund, education includes social and physical training.


About grants for individuals from the Maddock, Leicester & Burslem Fund


You can apply for a bursary or grant of up to £1000.
  • The panel will be looking to reward excellence and educational achievement.  They will always take note of any candidate from an under privileged background who is achieving educational success.
  • The Panel are looking for good grades and outstanding ability taking into account the candidate’s background.  So, normally, candidates should have achieved or be expected to achieve A or A* grades in GCSE and high grades at AS or A level.
  • Exceptions will be made for pupils with learning difficulties, special needs or a very underprivileged background who had achieved substantially over and above what would be normally expected for that particular pupil.
  • Requests between £200 and £1000 will be considered.  Although there is no set limit the panel are not looking to grant considerable sums on any one applicant by paying for their education in full but to provide assistance for specific requirements of a relatively modest amount.
  • Along with your application you should provide proof of your offer from university, along with proof of your GCSE results and details of A or AS level results or equivalent.

What We Will Fund

Who We Will Support

We will support people who meet the following criteria;

  • Young people who are preparing to start college or university
  • Applicants should normally be between the ages of 15 and 21
  • Resident in Stoke on Trent or Newcastle under Lyme
  • Have achieved exceptional grades at their last exam OR
  • Have achieved grades that are better than would be expected given a person’s background
What we cannot award funding for
  • Travel costs
  • Running a motor vehicle
  • General living expenses
  • Everyday expenditure
  • Everyday clothing costs, but specialist clothing will be considered
  • Purchase of new computers
  • Field trips

Closing Dates & Submission Deadlines

The following dates are submission dates and panel dates for grants in 2019.

  • Applications submitted before 10th January 2019 will go to the panel on 24th January 2019
  • Applications submitted after 10th January 2019, but before 29th May 2019 will go to the panel on 12th June 2019
  • Applications submitted after 29th May 2019, but before 31st August 2019 will go to the panel on 3rd September 2019
  • Applications submitted after 31st August 2019 will go to the panel meeting in January 2020


The following dates are submission dates and panel dates for bursaries in 2019

  • You may submit your application at any time, but in any case, no later than 31st August 2019 for decisions at the panel on 7th September.
  • Bursary awards will be paid on 28th September 2019
How To Apply

To apply please download the application form.

If you need help in completing the application form please call us.