Main Beneficiaries 

People Living in Bentilee who cant afford learning to drive or Short Training Courses

The John Flock Bentilee Empowerment Fund has been set up specifically for residents in Bentilee and will provide practical support to empower people in the small things in life that can really make a difference. Examples include:

  • Learning to drive
  • Accredited short training courses (such as the Construction Skills Certification Scheme – CSCS Card)
  • Text books, materials or software for college or university

Empowerment is all about helping you help yourself – with this in mind you will be asked to contribute a small amount towards the funded activity, so that it becomes a shared commitment.

Who Can Apply?

In order to qualify for funding through the Bentilee Empowerment Fund;
  • Currently living in Bentilee, Stoke-on-Trent (or have a permanent Bentilee address if away at university or college) OR
  • Of limited financial means (this means that you will either be receiving unemployment / disability benefits or be earning less than £15,000 per year)
  • You do not need to be an EPIC tenant in order to qualify

What Will The Fund Pay For?

The fund will pay up to a maximum of £300 towards activities or materials that will help you to achieve your employment or educational goals. The Grants Panel may award more than £300 in exceptional circumstances. The award will not be made in cash, as we will arrange the purchase of materials, equipment or courses. We ask that you contribute between 5% and 10% of the total cost towards your funded activity to demonstrate your shared commitment towards achieving your goal. (For a grant of £100, you will need to contribute a maximum of £10 towards the total cost).

What Can Be Funded

  • Help towards the costs of learning to drive (Provisional Licence, Theory Test, a Block of Driving Lessons).
  • Purchase of a bicycle or help towards the cost of a moped to get to work.
  • Help with costs towards accredited training courses (Such as a CSCS Card in Construction).
  • Help with course books, materials, software or equipment for students attending college or preparing to go to university

What Can Not Be Funded

  • Insurance of cars / mopeds.
  • Training that is not accredited by a recognised body.
  • Anything that is unrelated to your employment or educational goals

When Can I Apply?

Applications are accepted at any time, but decisions are made quarterly.

Need More Help?

If you would like more information or help please contact EPIC directly on 01782 252575 and ask for Lisa Dulson or Jackie Evans.

How To Apply

To apply please download the application form by clicking here.  Once completed please send your form and any supporting documents to;

John Flock Bentilee Empowerment Fund
c/o EPIC
131 – 141 Ubberley Road
Stoke on Trent