Main Beneficiaries

Individuals resident in North Staffordshire, who are elderly and infirm.

The fund can award small grants to pay for items of equipment, or services, that may make life easier.

Closing Date


The Bishop Stamer Fund will award small grants, usually up to £500, to individuals who may need extra help or support.  Any applicant must be at least 50 years old in order to be considered, but there is a preference towards people who are both elderly and infirm.

Funding can be used to help them or their carers with a specific cost, and is usually award to pay for an item of equipment that may make their life easier, or to provide specific facilities.  These facilities should not normally be available through another source, or there should be a waiting list where a delay would cause hardship.

These grants are to be considered a one off grant and should be for items of equipment and not to pay for general nursing provision or care.  Grants may also be made to organisations who will make small value purchases, to help individuals.

Some examples of items that may be funded could include a wheelchair, a new bed, grab rails or easy to use taps.



  • Preference towards older (50+) and / or infirm
  • Organisations who will benefit individuals
  • Grants available from £100 up to £500
  • Can fund small items of equipment
  • Equipment should not be available through other sources


How To Apply

To apply please download the application form.

If you need help in completing the application form please call us.