Effective giving to your local community

Every year many people decide to give something back to their local community.  This could be through personal giving as an individual or as a family, or by giving as a business.  Often there is an assumption that giving is easy; that your gift will be effective and will change people’s lives for the better as you had intended. However, there are many pitfalls, and if not done properly giving can be very time consuming, inefficient and ultimately ineffective and not meet your giving objectives. 

We are here to help.  The Community Foundation for Staffordshire is a specialist in giving to the local community, and we make the process quick, easy and cost effective.  We ensure that your gift has the impact that you want it to; transforming lives and creating opportunities for people that would otherwise never experience them.

Partnerships & Initiatives

The Community Foundation for Staffordshire offers financial support and capacity building support to many community and voluntary organisations, registered charities and social enterprises across the West Midlands region, centred on Staffordshire, but also extending into Shropshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire and the Black Country.
We also help to run community initiatives, either on our own, or with our network of partners, where there will be a benefit to the people and communities of Staffordshire.


The Community Foundation for Staffordshire offers many grants. These could be directly funded by The Community Foundation for Staffordshire, by our partner organisations, by local donors and philanthropists, or by regional and national funders.  These schemes are rarely open all year and usually tend to run in rounds.  Further information on upcoming rounds, and their opening and closing dates, the criteria for each round, and their priorities, can be found int he grants section of this website.  It is important to carefully read the aims and criteria of a scheme, as well as our general grant guidance, before submitting your application.

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