Youth Endeavour Fund

The Youth Endeavour Fund was established in late 2013 by private donation, and will open for its first applications in May 2014.

“After some lengthy consideration of what it is that makes a real difference to young people and therefore what we as individuals might contribute (apart from our time!) we decided to establish the YEF. We were aware that there already exists an array of youth support but knew that very often young people don’t fit ‘neatly’ into existing categories and thus can easily ‘slip through the net’, ultimately leading to them fail to meet both theirs and others expectations. This is where we felt a small financial contribution might help, by easing them on to the next step of their lives, whether it be for their direct benefit or as a means of support to enable them to contribute directly within their community. We were also keen to leave the fund acceptance criteria as open as possible, acknowledging that individual circumstances can be as varied as they may be challenging.

We’ve started with a small contribution, but one that we hope will stimulate better and more fruitful young lives.”

- The Donors of the Youth Endeavour Fund speaking in April 2014


For more information on the grants process and how to apply please click here