Whittington & Fisherwick Fund

The Whittington Poor Fund was a charity that used to make awards to people and organisations who were based in Whittington.  However, as is often the case, the administration of this fund increased greatly, particularly with regards to the new reporting procedures and requirements of the Charity Commission.  This can often become arduous, and so in late 2016 the decision was taken by the trustees of the Poor Fund to transfer it to The Community Foundation for Staffordshire, after consultation with the Charity Commission.

At the time of transfer to The Community Foundation it was decided to widen the area of benefit, so that the fund could support people across the whole parish of Whittington and Fisherwick.  In light of this, the fund was renamed the Whittington & Fisherwick Fund.  The remit would remain the same, that being to improve the quality of life for village residents, either individually or as a whole, and to support people who were in financial hardship, or where they had contributed something to village life.  The fund is administered by The Community Foundation as part of its portfolio of funds which can only benefit areas within the Lichfield district.  This means that the Whittington & Fisherwick Fund will only be used to benefit people in the parish.

In order to be considered for an award from the Whittington & Fisherwick Fund, a simple application form needs to be completed.  Applications to the fund are open year round, and so people and organisations can apply at any time, by filling in the application form and returning it to The Community Foundation.  It is also possible for people to nominate organisations who are working within the parish, or for the benefit of people in the parish.  All information given on the application form is confidential, but will be used to help make decisions about how to best ensure that people benefit.

If you are an organisation and you wish to apply for a grant from the Whittington and Fisherwick Fund please use the ‘Apply’ button below.  Individuals should see the webpage specifically for individual applications, which you can see by clicking here.


If you have any questions about the fund, or would like to request an application form please contact The Community Foundation on 01785 339540.