Stocks, Shares, Land & Buildings

You can claim Income Tax relief on the following donations;

  • Shares listed on any UK or Overseas based recognised Stock Exchange
  • Units in an Authorised Unit Trust
  • Shares in a UK Open-Ended Investment Company

You can claim Capital Gains Tax Relief if you;

  • Donate any asset to us
  • Sell us any asset at less than the market value

This is because you are considered to make no gain or loss on the asset.

How To Transfer Stocks, Shares, Land or Buildings

For shares you need to complete a stock transfer form, which will transfer the ownership of the shares.  For a donation of land or buildings we will give you a certificate that confirms the transfer has taken place.  However, for land or buildings it must be a complete transfer if you want to claim tax relief, so if you co-own something you can still donate your share of the property, but you can’t claim tax relief on it.