Public Sector Partnership

The Staffordshire Community Foundation has a long history of managing grant programmes on behalf of many Public Sector organisations to deliver savings on cost, gains in efficiency and clearly measure and evidence the impact of the valuable work carried out by locally led community voluntary groups.

Public Sector organisations working in partnership with the Staffordshire Community Foundation can see many benefits, including:

As the Foundation has a dedicated team dealing with grant administration we can successfully run a grants scheme for very little cost.  This means that whilst you as an organisation can hit all your targets, your costs for doing so are greatly reduced.

Community Engagement
We can ensure that local communities are targeted effectively, referring people to extra services that they might need, in line with your requirements.  We can also ensure that your scheme hits those hardest to reach, that are often difficult to target.

Appropriate Decisions
As an organisation we can draw on a wealth of people to construct our panels to make decisions – thereby being able to construct panels of people to make decisions on issues that affect them, or the complete opposite to obtain a neutral decision, or a combination of the two.

Reporting & Monitoring
Comprehensive reports to ensure that your aims and targets are being met.  Appropriate data to ensure that you can show that you are hitting your targets.  All data can be tailor-made to ensure that it is exactly what you need.