Grant Scheme Management

As experienced fund managers, the Staffordshire Community Foundation can help with all aspects of Grant Management, from helping to set criteria, to marketing and application administration and assessment.  It doesn’t stop there though – we can arrange payments, be they one off or instalments, and keep a check on those funded, ensuring that your money is spent appropriately.

Programme Design
We can use your own criteria, or we can work with you to help to set appropriate criteria.  this can ensure that your aims are met, that targets are achieved and that your money is targeted where it needs to be.

Grant Promotion
Thanks to our work we have excellent links to local promotion sources.  These can include local media, including newspapers, radio & television.  We are also able to directly market your grants to specific groups, thanks to our extensive database.

Application Support
If needed we can work with individuals or groups to ensure a high quality application.  We can offer support through a variety of means to make sure that they achieve the best possible result.

Application Administration
We can deal with all administration related to applications, including collating information, checking applications, database management, researching and verifying given information and ensuring that groups are who they say they are.

Decision Making
As the Foundation has extensive knowledge of Staffordshire, we have dedicated grants panels who are able to make informed and appropriate decisions.  Of course, we can also host panel meetings where the fund holders themselves decide.

Post Decision Administration
The Foundation can deal with all administration needed after a decision has been made.  This can include notifying people of their success or failure, or helping them to refine their bids.  We can arrange for offer letters and contracts to be signed by beneficiaries.

Reporting & Monitoring
We monitor all grant recipients to ensure that their project is going as planned.  We can offer assistance to them if they go off track, helping to ensure that their, and your, aims and targets are met.  We collect full reports and are able to provide comprehensive feedback to funders.