Status Grow

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Status Grow

Status grow were awarded £1,720 through the Foundation. They wanted to be able to grow more fruit and vegetables and improve the growing area in Silverdale.  Working with an experienced willow weaver they were able to train 10 people in the art of willow weaving whilst also creating a living willow fence that will continue to grow and improve for many years to come.

With the seeds, plants and garden related items they purchased they have been able to train volunteers in growing and gardening techniques and have been able to support those in food poverty with the food they have been able to grow.

Throughout the project they have worked with numerous people who have been ordered to undertake community service by the courts via Community Payback.  With their support they have dug trenches for an electric cable to be fitted which now means they have been able to run two community events.  They have also been able to create a multi-use community open space that can now be used by numerous groups that use the facility and have provided a safe, secure and beautiful area that is multi-functional and will meet the needs of all sectors of the community.

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