Pennymoor Youth Club

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Pennymoor Youth Club wanted to secure funding to be able to hire the local hall room for weekly sessions enabling them to work more creatively with children and young people.  They were able to achieve this by receiving a grant of £3,000 through Staffordshire Community Foundation.

The grant meant that they were able to continue to provide an interesting and enjoyable experience for all of the children involved.  They were not only able to secure the youth club for 12 months but it also enabled them to spend their free reserves on activities and equipment that the children love.

They carried out a questionnaire with the children and the results revealed the following (based on 50 members) 100% answered yes to ”I like coming to Pennymoor Youth Club”, and 95% answered yes to ”The club provides lots of things to do”, 53% answered yes to ”I like the adult led activities” and 89% answered yes to ”I like the themed activities and special events”.

One of the children joined Pennymoor Youth Club during July 2014 as a Young Leader. They had previously been in trouble with the police and caused problems on the estate. Pennymoor Youth Club gave the child the chance to gain skills and knowledge of working with children and gave the child chance to commit to the youth club for a 12 month term.

As a result this child has now turned around their attitude to the community and now they encourage the younger children to respect the community.  This has now followed on by enabling the child to secure a work experience placement at a local primary school.


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