Setting Up A Personalised Fund

Sometimes when you give you want people to be aware of your particular passion or cause.  It might be that you want to set up a fund in a loved one’s name to support something that they particularly cared about.  We can establish a fund in your name, the name of a loved one, or in any name you choose.  We can handle all the set up administration and continual reporting, to the Charity Commission and to yourself.  You can have as much or as little involvement as you like.  You may want to be involved every step of the way and consulted at all times, or you may not want any involvement at all. Of course, both of these wishes can be met by the Staffordshire Community Foundation, or equally, at any point between the two.  You can choose the remit for your fund, so that you can target whoever you choose.

Our funds are created as permanent endowments. This is where the original capital sum is invested and any interest accrued is distributed as grants to the causes you choose. All of our investments are handled by our investment managers, who invest them according to Charity Commission guidelines, which offers a degree of protection against market fluctuations.

Once established, an endowment fund exists in perpetuity and can never be taken or seized.

Ordinarily, to create a named fund you would need to consider a fund with a value of around £25,000.  However, in most cases the Staffordshire Community Foundation can ‘match fund’ your donation, meaning that you only need to contribute two thirds of the fund value, and we’ll add the rest.  So for example, if you had £17,000 to set up a named fund, we would add half of this amount, £8500, making a fund with a value of £25,500.