Staffordshire Moorlands – Moorlands Community Fund


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The Staffordshire Moorlands Community Fund was established in March 2010 and is set to be launched officially in 2014.

The idea of the fund is to encourage business, enterprises and individuals to donate to a central fund. All the money raised will be invested according to Charity Commission guidelines to enable the fund to grow in value. The interest earned on the fund will be split, part of it added to the fund and reinvested so that it continues to grow, year on year. The other part of the interest will be used to create a grants scheme specifically for third sector, charity and voluntary organisations in the Staffordshire Moorlands. Grants can then be given out year on year and the fund will continue to grow to give out more each year.

The fund will receive it’s official public launch in 2014, although preparations for it are already underway.

The Moorlands Community Fund is still in a growth phase and will expect to start awarding it’s first grants in April 2015.


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The Moorlands Community Fund can accept donations and contributions from private donors, businesses and can revitalise dormant funds.

Dormant funds are usually minor charities that have been successful in the past, but due to changing circumstances can no longer be applied to their original remit. In situations like this adding them to a communtiy fund will ensure that the area they were intended for will still see the benefit, even if the original remit is no longer valid.

Dormant funds included in the Moorlands Community fund include;

  • The George Roads Charity
  • The Charity of Sarah Martin
  • The Nicholson Fund
  • The Charity of William Badnall
  • Naylor’s Dole

In addition to this a significant contribution was made to the fund by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.

Over the coming months, up to and past the official launch, more contributions will be sought, from local businesses and from local residents, as well as through sponsorship and fundraising.


Donor Advisors play a dual role in a Community Fund.

They help to raise funds, by connecting with local people who can help. They also provide a local point of contact for people who wish to know more and become more involved.

They also help to make decisions on who should benefit from the grants when they are given out.

This local influence is vital to a community fund, as it will help to ensure that as well as being held locally, decisions that affect the running of it will also be taken locally.

Donor Advisors for the Moorlands Community Fund currently include;

  • The leader of the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council
  • Jill Norman, Chief Officer of Support Staffordshire (Staffordshire Moorlands)
  • Reverend David Bickersteth
  • Reverend Matthew Parker


Anyone can donate, whether you are a business, a local dignitary or an individual.

Donations can be made by sending a cheque made payable to Staffordshire Community Foundation and stating on the back of the cheque the name of the Grant/Fund. You will be contacted shortly afterwards to confirm your donation. Please send to;

Staffordshire Community Foundation
BL157, Staffordshire University
Blackheath Lane
ST18 0AD